Eva Stöwe

Eva Stöwe has studied Law (Cologne) and Computer Science (Bonn). She got in touch with building up governance structures in student self-organistion bodies in the 1990th. Since then she has helped at drafting policies and (re-)structuring bodies in a range of contexts. Since 2013 she engages herself in the Privacy contex with projects like #stopwhatchingus, digitalcourage and cryptoparties, but especially with CAcert a non-profit, open source, WoT based certification agency (CA) where she worked as an Arbitrator and Policy Officer. In mid 2017 she made the jump into blockchain world by becoming a governance advisor for EOS and Governance Architect for Chamapesa a crypto identity and accounting project based in Kenya. She co-authored the RDR, the rule-set for ECAF the arbitration body for the EOS Blockchain, which she helped to set up as a consultant. Currently she is a Governance Advisor at the Worbli Blockchain as well as a Software Consultant in the classic company world.